Worried your IT systems might be under threat?


At Minster we know that IT system security is everything to people and their businesses.

Now, more than ever, without the right protection it’s so easy for your system to catch a potentially business-threatening virus. It almost goes without saying that you need to ensure your protection is spot on.

That’s where the power of Sentinel could be the answer to your security worries!

Sentinel provides two different and effective programs.

Sentinel System Care is an innovative programme that provides automated care for your infrastructure, whilst Sentinel Bitdefender is a managed antivirus engine that protects you from harmful threats. Sentinel System Care helps you in four key areas:

  • System-monitoring

  • Online-backup

  • Mail catcher, and

  • Mail archive

Online-backup allows you to backup and retrieve emails, files and databases safely and quickly. It is an automated system giving you 24/7 access to your information.

We understand that email communication is vital to any business, that’s why Sentinel provides mail catcher and mail archive. Mail catcher provides email spam and virus filtering and with Sentinel you will never lose any emails.

We understand how many emails ping through on a daily basis and it’s incredibly hard to keep on top of them all - this is why Sentinel also provides a mail archive management system to easily manage all of your emails on your Microsoft Exchange Server.

Aside from these benefits, Sentinel also performs checks on your servers and networks to ensure your most important IT tools are running smoothly.

How can Bitdefender secure your business?

Bitdefender will act as your security guard and protect your system from any harm. It has been proven to block thousands of viruses and threats. In fact in June 2016, according to AV-Test statistics, 100% of viruses were blocked by Bitdefender. Bitdefender works to give quick and customizable scans to detect threats and remove them before any damage is done to your system. It can also detect and remove potentially unwanted applications and has improved malware protection to reduce false threats.

For more information on Sentinel or any of our ant-virus products, please call Minster on 01562 68211 or email us through [email protected]